About Supermet

Supermet, the leading provider of superior grade roofing solutions in the country, has introduced multifarious solutions to the market, encompassing roofing, wall cladding, purlin and gate cladding as well as gutters. Supermet incorporates cutting edge technology and innovation, and is one of the premium brands of the number one roofing sheet manufacturer in Sri Lanka- the Group.

The brand has introduced five different types of roofing solutions to the market namely - Tile roofing sheet, Hi-Ten roofing sheet, Easy roofing sheet, Curved roofing sheet and Step roofing sheet. The curved roofing sheets are further classified into four varieties to suit different style preferences and requirements. These roofing sheets offer a number of advantages including easy installation and tightly overlapping to thoroughly prevent rainwater leakage.

Supermet uses AZ150 Zinc Aluminium coating to increase the durability of the product, enhancing overall strength to resist high pressures. Furthermore, it offers a diverse range of hi-tensile sheet based products in customizable density, shapes and colours.

Purlins manufactured by Supermet are made of high quality steel imported from globally recognized South Korean coil manufacturers, giving the material a tensile strength of 450 Mega Pascal. These purlins are on par with international quality standards, hence they are highly durable, robust, weather and insect resistant in contrast to the traditional wooden purlins.

To complement with its roofing sheet and purlins, Supermet manufactures an exclusive range of nails and other essential accessories offering higher compatibility and quality. In addition to roofing and purlins, the brand also offers cladding material for walls and gates in varied dimensions, colours and density levels to suit customer requirements and standards.


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